Glasses-free 3D, 5G + 8K, virtual reality, unmanned aerial vehicles ,these black technologies in the Spring Festival Evening of 2020.

Every Spring Festival Gala on New Year's Eve is an appetizing "audiovisual dinner" on the audience's dinner table. In recent years, the "tech taste" of this big meal has become stronger and stronger.

Why not use glasses-free 3D projection in movie theaters?

Some people will find that the glasses-free 3D technology has clearly appeared, but the actual application is very few.

China's first naked-eye 3D map-the original map can be seen like this.

Harbin Map Publishing House publishes "The Three-Dimensional Vision 3D China-The People's Republic of China 3D Atlas", which uses 3D visual effects in the map.

Glasses-free3D display by car is here.

This product uses a passive 3D technology display that can generate very realistic 3D effects compared to traditional displays, making it easier and faster for drivers to grab the screen Display information.

The road to business evolution, glass free 3D ushered in the best opportunities.

Today's mainstream 3D stereoscopic display technology still can't let us get rid of the constraints of auxiliary equipment such as glasses, and glass free 3D can let us have a gorgeous 3D visual experience without any auxiliary props.

Glasses-free 3D ecology application case.

Glasses-free 3D ecology application case.

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