Glasses-free 3D, 5G + 8K, virtual reality, unmanned aerial vehicles ,these black technologies in the Spring Festival Evening of 2020.

Release time:2020-04-28

Every Spring Festival Gala on New Year's Eve is an appetizing "audiovisual dinner" on the audience's dinner table. In recent years, the "tech taste" of this big meal has become stronger and stronger. This year's Spring Festival Gala stage was the first to create a three-layer three-dimensional dance beauty, while using flying screen technology to create a 360-degree surround landscape, so that the audience can have the ultimate experience of "naked eye 3D" in front of the screen.

Undoubtedly, "5G + 8K / 4K / VR" is the most popular "black technology" in the Spring Festival Gala this year. From standard definition, high-definition to 4K, 8K ultra-high-definition video technology, the leap-forward development of technological innovation has brought a refreshing audio-visual experience to the audience. In the live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala this year, the 5G network has fully covered the main venue and branch venues of the Spring Festival Gala 2020, and the Central Radio and Television Station used 5G + 8K technology for the first time to achieve multi-camera shooting. The 5G network makes the picture transmission clearer and more stable, which is also a necessary condition for shooting, transmitting and producing the 8K version of the Spring Festival Gala.

At the same time, the Spring Festival Gala also adopted the 4K accompanying high-definition production mode pioneered by the Central Radio and Television Station, and used a large number of more than 40 sets of 4K special shooting equipment such as orbit robots, drones, and online virtual systems for program production to achieve full-factor 4K HD TV smart live broadcast.

In addition, through the Virtual Network Interactive Production Mode (VNIS) pioneered by the headquarter, China s first national-level 5G new media platform-the Central Broadcasting and Television Station "Central Video" 5G new media platform achieved the first Spring Festival Gala VR (Virtual Reality) live broadcast this year , Presenting a three-dimensional panoramic view of watching the Spring Festival Gala in the era of all-media, making the technology "new year's dinner" more interesting.

How to complete VR live broadcast in the huge Spring Festival Evening scene? The reporter saw in the video of Decryption of VR Aerial Shooting in Zhengzhou Branchthat because the stage scene was too large, members of the shooting team used heavy-duty VR equipment. This VR device has a high resolution and can basically see everyone's facial expressions.

This year's Spring Festival Gala stage, AR (augmented reality) technology, drones and other "black technologies" are still used, but the visual effects of the scenes and performances are more outstanding.

In fact, many viewers are no strangers to these two technologies. As early as 2012, CCTV's Spring Festival Gala adopted AR technology for the first time, and it was used in actress Sa Dingding's "Everything" and other programs, which made people feel as if they were on the scene.

"New tricks to keep the taste of the year" "Innovative technology shows the charm, vitality and innovation of the Spring Festival Gala in the new era" ... On social media, many netizens praised the technology innovation of the Spring Festival Gala. Statistics show that this year's Spring Festival Evening Network positive evaluation rate reached 98.65%, an increase of 1.67 percentage points compared to last year.