Why not use glasses-free 3D projection in movie theaters?

Release time:2020-04-28

Some people will find that the glasses-free 3D technology has clearly appeared, but the actual application is very few. Usually, the  glasses-free 3D technology is not seen at all. Even in some large exhibition halls, such as movie theaters, the 3D projection technology is not widely used. . Why not use glasses-free 3D projection in movie theaters?

If you want to watch 3d movies in a movie theater, you usually need to wear a pair of 3d glasses. A research group once conducted by a polytechnic wanted to remove the glasses. In cooperation with a scientific research institute, a movie theater was shown, and the audience could watch 3D movies without wearing 3D glasses.

Although glasses-free 3D technology has been around for a long time, traditional technology cannot achieve naked-eye viewing in movie theaters. The traditional parallax barrier technology uses an LCD screen to separate the left and right eyes to create a  glasses-free 3D effect for the audience. However, this technology requires a certain distance and angle between the audience and the screen, which is not suitable for audiences sitting in different corners of the theater.

 In the  glasses-free 3D movies displayed by the researchers, they used 50 groups of lenses and mirrors to create a special optical system that achieves a multi-attention difference barrier effect on the screen, allowing viewers sitting in different corners of the theater to Watch 3D movies naked.

However, the position of the audience in the cinema is fixed on the seat, so their movement range is relatively limited, which makes the  glasses-free 3D effect easier to achieve in the cinema. In order to allow all people in the cinema to see 3D images, they also adopted a new projector, but now they need to solve the problem of picture clarity.

Why not use glasses-free3D projection in movie theaters? The above is the result of an experiment. Although it is feasible and is the future development direction, the current technology of using  glasses-free 3D holographic projection in movie theaters is not achievable, and  glasses-free 3D technology is not recommended. For continuous viewing of more than hours, the movies are generally around 90 minutes.