Glasses-free3D display by car is here.

Release time:2020-04-28

Recently, Bosch officially launched a new 3D display. This product uses a passive 3D technology display that can generate very realistic 3D effects compared to traditional displays, making it easier and faster for drivers to grab the screen Display information.

Bosch said that the 3D display screen is the latest development trend of the vehicle cockpit. On the movie screen, the 3D effect is mainly created to enhance the entertainment of the movie. But in vehicles, the meaning is completely different. "The stereoscopic effect of the display screen can help the driver to quickly grasp important visual information, including auxiliary system reminders and traffic jam reminders," said Dr. Steffen Berns. It will be more intuitive and more urgent. "In addition, a more realistic rear-view image during parking helps to detect obstacles in time and assists the driver to better grasp the remaining space between the rear fender and the parking lot wall. In densely populated city blocks, this 3D effect also plays a decisive role, because a map with a stereoscopic view allows the driver to clearly grasp which building should turn. At the same time, the passive 3D technology in Bosch's new display does not require drivers and passengers to wear 3D glasses or use visual tracking technology.

The eyes are responsible for 90% of human sensory perception. The car display that can only display information simply is outdated, and deepening the interaction between users and the display will become the future development direction. In order to meet the needs of the computing power of the 3D display screen, Bosch uses an on-board computer to coordinate the entire human-machine interface, and uses a single central control unit to integrate and implement all control functions. In addition, with online upgrade technology, vehicles such as infotainment systems can be updated in a timely manner like mobile phones.

In addition to meeting the functional requirements, Bosch is also conducting a comprehensive test of safety. Whether it is under temperature changes or vibration, the display must be able to maintain working conditions. Even if an unavoidable failure occurs, it is necessary to ensure that some necessary information required by the driver can be displayed. In addition, Bosch said that the operating system based on the 3D display can be applied to all vehicles.