Can 5G bring about the rapid development of glasses-free 3D technology?

Release time:2020-04-27

In the past, we read books, watch TV, and watch movies on a two-dimensional level. To experience the 3D effect, only wear special 3D glasses, but not with glasses-free 3D. We can experience three-dimensional without using glasses visual feast.

Imagine if this technology is integrated into our mobile phones, playing games is like being immersive, watching movies is more like traversing into the drama, from 2D to 3D, it is a qualitative leap.So will glasses-free 3D take this opportunity to take off in the 5G era?

You can experience the 3D effect without using special glasses. Display three-dimensional graphics in the plane, according to the characteristics of human vision, form a three-dimensional sense.

Follow the trend.

The improvement of 4G bandwidth has made mobile Internet compete with PC Internet and become the mainstream of the times. Then, due to the further improvement of bandwidth and delay, 5G provides unlimited possibilities for the transmission of large traffic and large amounts of data, especially in the visual application Will be developed rapidly. 5G paved the way for us to enter the era of 3D vision.

Demand is the best driver.

Our human pursuit of visual experience has never stopped, from the original black and white lines to color images, from analog to digital images, from low-resolution to high-resolution, from two-dimensional plane to three-dimensional, now wearing special glasses experience 3 D can no longer meet our needs, we more and more yearning for naked eyes can experience 3 D effect, yearning for more scene experience 3 D, yearning to experience 3 D. anytime and anywhere. The so-called reading ten thousand books, walking ten thousand miles, knowledge only from the two-dimensional plane to the three-dimensional reality can be better absorbed, similarly, three-dimensional vision will also let us get more information faster and more intuitively.

 Visible naked eye 3 D technology will be a visual innovation, along with the rapid development of display technology ,5G transmission technology, content production technology, will also usher in new development opportunities.